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In Email Marketing Application, We can choose customized Sernder id, Name and Subject No for email campaigns.No need of your domain name,No SMTP Server and No use of your DNS Server, Features of mass mailing applications: Data List Management, Import/Export from Text/CSV File Do Segmentation on List Remove Duplicates ids Automatically Bounce Emails Management, Remove from List Inbuild Templets for Flyers Designing Track Reports: Open Rate, CTR etc.
Fast Emails Delivery
No Hsoting Required No Domain Required No ISP Compained 99% guaranteed Delivery Send emails to your subscribers. You can send Newsletter, promotional mail, offers and Alerts. we provide upto 99% guaranteed delivery.DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), SPF (Sender Policy Framework), local ISP recommendations... to ensure an excellent deliverability for your emails.
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Rate of Email Marketing Application are very affordable
any onecan use our email marketing application to send Newsletters to their customers, prospects, Flyers / emailer for business generation and promotions. manage you list and shoot campaign any time.

Email Marketing Application

a great online application to cover all your Email Marketing Needs
Our Bulk Mailing application has several advanced features that Choose customized Sernder id, Name and Subject No need of your Domain Name,No SMTP Server and No Your DNS Server,Data List Management, Import/Export from Text/CSV File,Do Segmentation on List,Remove Duplicates ids Automatically .
Bounce Emails Management, Remove from List,Inbuild Templets for Flyers Designing,Track Reports: Open Rate, CTR etc

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What is Mass Mailing Application?

Application has powerful features by the many, sophisticated list management, thousands of email templates, detailed reports and package all that together for very affordable price. very attractive? That's us.

Why Choose us ?

We are working in field of email marketing since five years, we have so many customers from different domains like Education industry, Manufacturing industry, ecommerce and It Service industry. We have huge database and creative team to design your flyers/ emailers. We have targeted database with different fileds like name, phone, mobile, profile , designation and email id. We can filter you target audience to get better results of your email campaigns.

pricing plans

We offer different plans for different industry to choose plan of email marketing as per your choice.We provide value for the money they spend with us, We ensure Good ROI of campaigns.
Email Application
Free Online support
  • Three Lac emails
  • Instance Delivery of Emails
  • 99% Inbox Delivery
  • Inbuild Templets for Flyers
  • Online Reports, Open Rate, CTR, Bounces
  • Validity Three Months
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Email Application
Free Online Support
  • Email Templates
  • Six Lac Emails
  • Automatic Bounce Handling
  • Create Multiple Autoresponders
  • Split Testing
  • Validity Three Months
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Email Application
Free Online Support
  • Send Fifteen Lac Emails
  • Inbuild Templets for Flyers
  • List Management
  • 99% Inbox Delivery
  • Tracking Statistics
  • Six Months
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Email Application
yearly or $12 monthly
  • Send upto 30 Lac Emails
  • Fastest Speed
  • Inbox 99% Delivery
  • Inbuild Templets for Flyers
  • Validty Three Months
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Why Do Email Marketing

Key Points

Bulk Email Marketing is a great way to promote busines with current customers and prospects and to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business

  • Email Marketing Affordable.
  • Email Marketing is immediate & fast.
  • Email Marketing is effective.
  • Email Marketing is measurable.
  • Generate traffic on Website.
  • One To One Communication.
  • Leads Generation.
  • Trusted and SecureWay.


  • 1. How much time take to start emailing?
  • Normally, it takes minimum two hours to complete setup your account, Then You have to create contact list and upload contacts, for better management of list, create small list with emails up to 50k.

  • 2. Do you gaurantee inbox delivery of email?
  • No One can give guarantee of inbox delivery, because we don't own gmail, yahoo and hotmail etc, but application has spam test feature to test you emailer to ensure maximum inbox delivery..

  • 3. How can impost List on application?
  • Create contact list and import contacts from notepad or CVS file, put one email in one row, header of column will be eamils. It take few minuts, size of file to impot must less than 2MB

  • 4. Can we attach documnets with emailer/flyer
  • Yes, You can upload attachment while creating any flyer or email campaign, attachment should be upto 2mb, Normally avoid attachment in mass mailing.

  • 5. What are ways to create email campaign in application
  • There are many ways to create emailer/flyers in application, upload html file from system, upload from url, upload image from pc, you can design manually in editor of application

  • 6. What kind of report are there?
  • Yes, Reports can be downloaded after completion of campign, Open ids, bounce Ids, CTR- Click through etc..

  • 7. Do you provide email Data?
  • Yes, we can shoot your email campigns as per you target customers or prospects, we can filter our database on industry or city basis.

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We can give a comprehensive email panel,where you can send emails to your prospects and customers.

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